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Smartphone Lawsuits Continue

Smartphone Lawsuits Continue

Another court case is set to get a date in the myriad of smartphone patent battles. This time it’s Motorola in the firing line, with Google backed Intellectual Ventures holding the guns. Which one has the blanks though? This is the real question in this overstated metaphor.

The lawsuit has been filed apparently, since more amicable talks over a licensing deal broke down. This is apparently the way Intellectual Ventures makes a lot of its money. Not necessarily through lawsuits, but by buying up patents from inventors and companies and then using these to extract a license fee from companies that have used their technology.

However, they glossed over this in their public statement, saying simply:

“We have a responsibility to our current customers and our investors to defend our intellectual property rights against companies such as Motorola Mobility who use them without a license.”

The Motorola Handsets being targeted by this lawsuit include Android ones, making some question whether Google will step in and defend its partner in some capacity.

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