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Silverstone Release the SST-EB01

Silverstone Release the SST-EB01

This weekSilverstone have released the EB01. This ingenius little box is perfectfor anyone who is seriously into their sound and is fed up of having touse pc speakers, which most of the time just don’t cut it. This boxbasically allows you yo hook up your high end stereo system speakers toyour computer, allowing for excellent listening. Read more for moreinformation and a link.

Taken From SilverStone Site
The SilverStone Ensemble EB01 is a convenient device that can instantly translate your PC’s digital signals into lifelike analog sound suitable for personal high end stereo setups. EB01’s advanced internal circuitry will ensure that any sound effect or music from your CD, DVD, MP3 files, or games will be reproduced in quality as the artist and content creator originally envisioned.

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