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Silicon Knights Lays off half the team

Silicon Knights Lays off half the team

The studio behind such titles as Legacy of Kain, Eternal Darkness and Too Human has announced  that they will be laying off half their staff after a project was cancelled. This resulted in there being little work for many employees to do, so they’ve been let go; this totaled 45 people in the end.

Chief financial officer of Silicon Knights, Mike Mays, has said that “Hopefully this layoff will be short term,” and that they are hoping to pick up some more work from a publisher or other developer soon to increase the team’s work load.

A Kotaku quote makes it sound like they do have something in the works though, which presumably the non-fired half of the team is working on. It was described that “the company is currently refocusing and returning to its roots, working on one of its most requested titles for the next generation.”

With the Legacy of Cain games being perhaps this studio’s most well received title, they’d probably be best to look at revamping those – if they arn’t already – as it would certainly draw more buzz than any remakes of Too Human or the ill received, X-Men Destinies.

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