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“Significant Update” coming to BF3

“Significant Update” coming to BF3

DICE and EA games are set to release a major update for Battlefield 3 this week for the PC. The patch will tackle a number of issues highlighted by players – EA’s unofficial beta testers. These include: stability, balance of certain weaponry, squad controls, improvements to the UI and other various tweaks.

Fudzilla was pleased to hear that they would also be removing the negative mouse acceleration that has become the bane of many a BF3 gamer.

The patch is going to hit the PC platform first, with it expected to roll out onto major consoles after that.

Dice’s second announcement about BF3 in the past 24 hours was the Back to Karkand DLC which will bring with it some new additions including multiplayer maps, weapons and even vehicles. The BF3 official site blog reads:

Let’s take a closer look at the “Let it Rain” Assignment. To complete this assignment, players must score 20 kills with Light Machine Guns and two mortar kills. The game will keep track of how far along you have come to fulfill it. When you have met the requirements, you will unlock a new Back to Karkand weapon (with a matching set of dog tags) to use on any map including the base game. You will also unlock the new Creeping Death Assignment.

As with all of the Assignments introduced in Back to Karkand, you can keep building towards these no matter if you play on regular maps or maps from the new expansion pack itself. Your regular persistence will also be intact and keep building up no matter what map you play – Back to Karkand is in this way completely integrated into the base game, including the ability to have a map rotation mixing base game maps with Back to Karkand maps.

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