Samsung trying to Block Apple iPhone 4S sales in France and Italy

Continuing the absurd law suits of the smart phone industry, Samsung has announced that they will be attempting to block sales of the iPhone 4S, Apple’s newest iteration of their fan boy loved handset. Presumably this is not only a business move, but a counter cock blocking in retaliation of Apple’s own lawsuit which ended up halting sales of the Samsung Galaxy tabley in Australia and Europe.

This is likely to be just the start as well, with Samsung expected to oush for sales blockages in other European countries and potentially the UK and US too.

Apple has been stirring up a storm in the smartphone industry by joining the patent battles that have been ongoing for quite some time, accusing other firms of using their patents. However, Microsoft has also been quite successful so Apple need to keep an eye out. They could meet their law suit match if they met the old rival in a court room.

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