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Ridge Racer Vita sounds lacklustre

Ridge Racer Vita sounds lacklustre

The more information released about the Playstation Vita version of Ridge Racer, it just sounds worse and worse. Not only will it come with only three tracks at launch and a selection of just five cars to race in, but if you want more than this, You’ll need to turn to DLC.

You won’t need to pay for all of it though, as the free weekly DLC will get you some old school music from past Ridge Racer games. Exciting right? However, the cars and tracks, they do cost. Kotaku has it down that each car will set you back 250 yen (about £2) with each extra track costing 400 yen (£3.30). This might not seem like a large ammount, but say you want to buy five new tracks and five new cars, you’re shelling out £25, on top of the game price just to play a title that should easily have that many already.

Namco Bandai will be releasing what’s known as a “Ridge Racer Pass” that will include a collection of all the DLC to be released between February and may, it’ll cost 1600 yen, though if you buy that before February 29th, it’ll only cost 1000 yen.

Don’t forget that the original three tracks have been used in past Ridge Racer games and that the game runs at only 30 frames per second.

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