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Remedy gives thumbs up to Max Payne 3

Remedy gives thumbs up to Max Payne 3

Many people have been wondering what the original developers of the Max Payne series, Remedy, think of the new Rockstar sequel to the hit franchise. The new game has quite a new look and is based in a far different location than the gritty cities of the past titles.

Creative director at Remedy, Sam Lake said that the new game was, “worth the wait” and that “now, getting near to release, it feels kind of welcoming an old friend.”

The managing director of the developer, Matias Myllyrinne, also weighed in saying, “we’ve been friends with Rockstar for a very long time,” and that “when they went about building Max Payne 3, they opened up the conversation.” “They were kind enough to give us builds, and then ask for feedback. In that way, it’s felt natural.”

When asked if he felt the new game continued the story and theme of the Max Payne series, Myllyrinne said, “There will be certain elements obviously that are familiar to Max Payne fans.”

Whether this will placate fans or not remains to be seen, but it’s likely that the game will have to be played before the speculation ends for good.

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