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RBS in alternative GAME takeover bid

RBS in alternative GAME takeover bid

While GAME is currently going through administration, a new collective of lenders led by Royal Bank of Scotland is set to make an offer that could see some of the store’s 600 UK stores saved from closure.

While GameStop has said that it is focusing on digital downloads in the UK – having closed up all of its own shops here – there are a couple of other potential investors too: OpCapita and Hilco. Walmart could also swoop in, but considering little has been heard of the US retail giant since the initial rumour of its involvement, nothing has been said.

Administrators of the GAME Group are expected to announce the shut down of many of the most unprofitable locations, though it’s unclear how many that will be – and whether the 6,000 or so staff will be re-employed at different locations.

While technically safe from lenders for a few more days due to its administrative status, it seems likely that renovations to the business – in order to make it more attractive for sale – will be going on in the next few days, so if you planned to take advantage of the huge sales currently being seen at most outlets, now would be a good time to head over and pick up a few deals.

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