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Rapala Fishing to Utilise Kinect

Rapala Fishing to Utilise Kinect

Get ready to look even sillier playing your Xbox than you do already when having a go at the dance games. Rapala Fishing is set to get a new title in its line of rod and reel games; but this one will do away with just that, the rod and reel.

Now, instead of winching away on a plastic toy rod, gamers will in fact be just making the motions, with Kinect picking up on them and translating that into you fighting monster fish. I suppose it’ll depend on how well Kinect detects the casting and winding actions needed. If mapped well it might allow for more than the last games, and it would certainly allow for the game to be played in less space. You arn’t going to hit anything in your game room if you’re whipping around imaginary hardware.

Still though. You’re going to look dumb.

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