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Rage can be Preloaded on Steam Now

Rage can be Preloaded on Steam Now

Any eager gamers that pre-ordered Bethesda’s upcoming Rage game can now begin pre-loading it via Steam. The download is a rather whopping 25GB so it’s going to take a little bit of time, even on the fastest connections.This will also give you the jump on anyone that’s planning to buy after launch. This isn’t a bad thing as zero day downloads are traditionally much slower as every gamer jumps on and tries to connect.

Rage is actually set for release tomorrow (4th) if you’re in North America, with us Europeans only getting a stab at id Software’s new post apocalyptic romp on the 8th.

For anyone that has been living under a gaming rock, or perhaps in some sort of underground arc, for the past couple of years, Rage sets players as the only survivor of a post apocalyptic underground protection facility. As you emerge, you discover that there were others that got out before you as well as those that stayed top side and survived somehow. From there players begin to explore and unearth a story about a shadowy still-technically capable organisation known as the “Authority.”

Throughout the game players will mix it up with Flat-out style driving combat as well as FPS gameplay.

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