PSU Roundup: Coolermaster vs BeQuiet vs Antec

One of the biggest criticisms that review sites can throw out against others of their ilk, is that certain reviews simply aren’t detailed enough. HardwareSecrets famously bashed their fellow reviewers for not making use of the correct equipment needed to accurately test the performance and efficiency of power supplies leading to ultimately misleading reviews.While XSR was lucky enough to not garner direct attention from this article we are just as guilty as those mentioned by name as in the past our PSU reviews simply didn’t utilise the equipment necessary to test what’s really important. However, today I am pleased that we’ve turned a corner and from now on all power supply reviews will be conducted with the utmost professionalism making use of fully fledged hardware testing suits. Unfortunately we’re still not quite ready to buy this equipment ourselves, but the kind folks at Coolermaster helped us out in that respect, flying me over to their facility in Venlo to get some testing done. So without further a do, ladies and gentlemen, I present to you XSR’s first true power supply review, Coolermaster vs Antec vs BeQuiet: the PSU roundup.

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