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Pro-Clockers Review – Steel Series Steel Sound 5h

Pro-Clockers Review – Steel Series Steel Sound 5h

Quote: Throughout my years as a PC user Iwas never particularly bothered with the quality of the speakers/headsets Iused while sat in front of the screen. I was never bothered that the beige,ugly speakers I had scavenged from a closing down PC store, would crackle andthe first hint of bass. This was never a big deal to me as I knew no better;that was until my friend decided to upgrade himself to a 5.1 surround soundsetup, a monstrous system for that time. I couldn’t believe how muchnicer it was listening to music on it, how much scarier games were when youheard things behind you as apposed to the tiny stereo sound my set kicked out. – Read More Below

Since that time I have upgradedmyself to a similar setup, but being a gamer at heart I spend most of my timeusing a headset anyway so that I can talk to my fellow players. Now myheadset’s since that time have always been, “fine”. Nothingto flashy, nothing too comfortable, therefore it has always been something I havethought about changing. Imagine my excitement when I was asked by Steel Seriesto review their 7.1 virtual surround sound headset, the Steel Sound 5h. – Pro-Clockers

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