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Pay Per Review Sites Give Industry A Bad Name

Pay Per Review Sites Give Industry A Bad Name

A host of sites that charge for reviews has grown up around the new mobile-app review market, giving those of us who’ve been doing this for years a bad name. Fortunately, some companies are standing up to it in an effort to end the practice.

Outlined by Andrew J Smith, a public relations manager in  a blog post that detailed the outrageous fees some sites charge, Mr Smith showed a range from £18 for some sites, all the way up to almost £100 for a simple review. Some of the worst examples include iPhone App Review, Best 10 Apps, AppCraver and Tapscape, though the last two aren’t quiet as brazen.

“I had thought those sites I found were an aberration, but when I brought it up today on Twitter there was such a big response from people in every sector of the games industry — devs, fans, media, PR — that I had to write that blog post,” Smith said.

While it’s a pain for developers to have to shell out potentially hundreds of pounds for a review, the biggest issue with it is it brings the site’s credibility into question. If they require payment in order to review something, it means they’ve been paid by the person they’re supposed to be reviewing. Now this may not affect it at all, but it could also mean the reviewer feels a bit of disdain towards the developer – perhaps because they were cagey about paying the fee – or he could feel enamoured with them, two things that a reviewer should never be.

Here at XSReviews we operate on a simple basis. We never take anything in exchange for a review. That’s the way it should be.

Source: Wired

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