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Pastebin hit by DDOS

Pastebin hit by DDOS

The hackers favourite manifesto publishing ground, Pastebin, was taken down by a DDOS attack though no one has yet to claim responsibility.

The first news of the attack came on the official Pastebin twitter, with the owners simply stating “DDOS attack on pastebin, we are working on it.”¬† They followed it up an hour later, saying that progress was being made but that it would take some time to get things back to normal.

“Slowly getting things back under control. Sorry for the downtime & slow loading site guys, we are doing our best to stop this attack.”

Fortunately for anyone wanting to check out a manifesto or hacker playbook, everything seems to be back to normal now. At least the site is easily accessible for yours truly.

Pastebin recently moved – along with “60 other domains” – to a new domain server in protest of GoDaddy’s support of the Stop Online Piracy act that has many an internet user riled up.


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