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Pandora Radio Launches new Site

Pandora Radio Launches new Site

The future of Pandora’s internet radio has been up in the air for the past year, though not because they were doing poorly, in-fact their uptake was fantastic. The problem with this is that they couldn’t get enough advertising together to maintain the site under the increase in traffic load. Apparently though that’s all fixed now, because they’ve got a new site.

The new look is very “html5-ey”, with increased social interaction with facebook and twitter, as well as some added features for free and paying users. There’s also some social like features built into the site, designed to increase interactions between users. This allows people to share and recommend songs amonst friends, as well as showing enhanced artist information including along with name, song title, lyrics and more.

But again, none of this fixes the original issues… so… not quite sure what Dailytech are so excited about. But there you go.

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