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Orange T-Shirts Recharge your Phone

Orange T-Shirts Recharge your Phone

Orange is set to debut another new form of phone charging technology at Glastonbury this year, with a TShirt that is able to charge your phone by harvesting the power of sound. Players can simply plug their phones straight into the tshirt after they’ve absorbed enough sound energy. Orange will be taking results on which band produces the most chargeable sound.

Mobile phone giant Orange has released a prototype t-shirt which powers mobiles while festival-goers watch bands in action.

Users can plug their phone in to the t-shirt, which uses noise-responsive technology, for a quick top-up charge whenever they need it.

Orange will be conducting live testing of the gadget on site at the festival to see which acts are the “best to charge to” around the Spirit of 71 stage.

Orange are well known for creating innovative ways for concert goers to charge up their phones, from wind power in 2007, a dance charger in 2008, 2009 had a solar concept tent and boots that charged you up when you walked in 2010

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