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OnLive CEO Keeps Job Despite Company Collapse

OnLive CEO Keeps Job Despite Company Collapse

Even with the entire company collapsing around him, being bought out by original investor Lauder Partners and turned into a completely new firm, OnLive CEO Steve Perlman has kept his job. This is despite the fact that half the staff were let go.

“The recent transition was the hardest thing we at OnLive ever had to go through in our careers,” a statement issued to fansite OnLive Fans reads. “It’s unprecedented to do what OnLive has done in even a major corporation, let alone a startup. Big companies can absorb the uncertainty of an R&D project this big.

Oh I’m sure it was really hard for Mr Perlman. Much harder for him than for the people that were fired because the company was run into the ground, with crippling debts.

“Steve continues as CEO and is currently concentrating on the transition; once this is complete, he’ll be very focused on our next product releases and the vision. There will be changes to the organization both with old and new OnLive staff that will be bringing new features and games to the service. There will be more announcements – both large and small.”

One of the most recent announcements for OnLive was its addition to the upcoming Ouya console. The idea being that without powerful internal hardware of its own, the little machine would have access to AAA titles through OnLive. It’s just about the perfect implementation of the streaming service and many wondered after the company’s collapse if that would still come about. It seems likely at this point that it will, considering the interest the Ouya drummed up, but what else is on the cards for OnLive at this point remains to be seen.

It’s been given a lease of life, but new owners Lauder will need to do something special to deal with the company’s purported $30+ million in debts.

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