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New Steel Battalion Heavy Armour Trailer looks Heavy

New Steel Battalion Heavy Armour Trailer looks Heavy

No there’s nothing wrong with the earth’s gravitational pull, the New Steel Battalion Heavy Armour trailer is just pretty damn epic. Coming from a history of having the most expensive, one use peripheral ever made for consoles, Steel Bettalion has quite a pedigree to live up to.

The new trailer released yesterday at Gamescom shows a mixture of pre-rendered and scripted in-game footage to bring us up to speed on the setting and premise of the new game. In the year 2020, a silicon eating microbe wipes out every computer based technical advancement, essentially bringing us back to a glorified WW2, except that we also have mechs. These arn’t mechwars style, they’re the bastard creation of the guys that built the bioshock big daddies. They’re big, mean, mechanical and they are going to war.

The United States has been invaded by an unnamed superpower who are in the same technological state that they are. The rest of the trailer shows our protagonist for the trailer fighting from within his big walking tank. The game is said to employ the use of the Xbox controller and Kinect’s motion tracking for things like turning on the engine and acting within the cockpit of your mech. In the trailer we see the main character move around the cabin somewhat, as well as physically assaulting one of his fellow crew member.


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