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NCSoft in talks to buy Valve?

NCSoft in talks to buy Valve?

While it seems a little hard to believe, considering it was reported that Valve turned down a $1 billion offer from EA not too long ago, a Korean publication is suggesting that Korean Free to Play MMO company NCsoft, could be in talks to buy up the Half Life developer.

Joongang News says that the companies met with Valve heads on 26th September in Hawaii to discuss a merger. As of yet, none of those said to be involved in the talks have deigned to comment.

While sounding a little far fetched, Valve has worked with Nexon on the upcoming Counter Strike sequel, so there is a history of cooperation between the firms. Whether someone like Gabe Newell would sign off on a buyout/merger though is anyone’s guess.

My own, is no.

Still, let’s pretend for a second that it does happen, Valve is combined with NCsoft. This could mean a big influx of eastern Free to Play MMOs hit Steam shortly after, as Nexon’s catalogue of titles is brought over. It could also lead to a dissolution of how Valve has operated to date – with a new boss around, they might not be so keen on the “do what you want” style of management.

Again though, this isn’t going to happen.

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