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Namco and BottleRocket Exchange Insults

Namco and BottleRocket Exchange Insults

Namco have pulled the developer of the Splatterhouse remake, BottleRocket, from the project, and both companies have their own side to the story.Bottlerocket said that after being pulled from the project, Namco, "showed up with a U-Haul truck, took all [the team's] assets (dev kits, etc.) and informed management that the title was being pulled from Bottlerocket."Namco responded with, "The only reason why publishers pull the project out from the developer is when the developer isn't really meeting the requirements," said Namco vice president Makoto Iwai to Gamasutra. "So, unfortunately, this was the case." He continued, "I have to be very careful so we don't make any direct comment on it because whatever we say, people will try to be on the developer side. You know, 'The developer is an independent developer trying hard, and evil publishers are trying to get rid of the business by doing whatever they feel like.' That's not the case. I just want to be 100 percent clear. There was a performance issue."

Namco said the reason they pulled BottleRocket, and the reason any developer is pulled from a project, is when there are performance issues; IE, they're not making the game fast enough.

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