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Mojang working on Santa vs Cthulu

Mojang working on Santa vs Cthulu

On top of the still in-development and still in-court title “Scrolls” that Minecraft creator Notch and his studio have been working on, the company – Mojang – has another title in the works too: Santa vs Cthulu.

Designed as a real time strategy title that involves base building by the looks of things, the game presumably involves Mr Clause dropping off presents around the world while Cthulu, that asshole, tries to ruin things. Currently there is an alpha demo of the “game” in its current not-really-playable state, here.

Originally tweeted by Notch the current demo doesn’t really allow much interactivity. As it stands, players can rotate a globe and by right clicking, move around a white blob titled “thing.” The world features a day/night cycle, which you can see moving around the globe in real time, perhaps suggesting that in the real game this will influence gameplay. Perhaps Cthulu or Santa can only stay in darkness.

The map is dotted with real world cities, each one represented by three dice. Or at least that’s what they look like. They could be naff buildings but I think it’s dice.

Apart from the very brief java demo, there’s nothing to go on with this game at the moment. Will post more details as they become available.


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