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Minecraft can track Carbon Emissions

Minecraft can track Carbon Emissions

While Minecraft has been playable for some time now, it’s not yet been officially released. That hasn’t stopped the world’s modders from hacking apart the game and putting in their own features and additions. There’s added realism graphical ones, ones that add lots of new creatures to the game and now even one that takes into consideration carbon emissions.

Produced by one of the guys working at AMEE, an organisation designed to help raise awareness of climate issues, such as carbon dioxide buildup. Utilising real data from the groups’ resources, this mod tracks every time you burn something and adds to the total carbon dioxide levels. Over time, as you burn more things and carbon levels increase, there will be some visual aids to let you know tha things are going south for your little Minecraft world.

However, all is not lost, planting trees and other “green” activities can improve the carbon levels, reducing their impact and pulling you back from the brink of a post apocalyptic Minecraft. As it stands, it doesn’t go that far, merely letting you know things arn’t going so well, but it’s an interesting concept.

Apparently the mod takes into consideration redstone usage – taking it as electricity – as well as creeper emissions and the burning of wood, planks, coal, tree saplings and more.

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