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Microsoft Spends $5.5 Billion on Bing

Microsoft Spends $5.5 Billion on Bing

Microsoft has spent a total of $5.5 billion so far, developing and pushing their Bing search engine; but how well has it done? Well, looks like they currently have around 15% of the search market; not much more than they had a few years ago with their MSN platform.

Google is still massively dominating, with over 60% of the market held by the search giant. Clearly, no matter how much money you throw at something – even enough to buy many small countries – when it comes to searching, people are very loyal.

Even having the most popular browser that came pre-installed on the most popular operating system for the past couple of decades defaulting to their own search engine, didn’t make it possible for them to take a large share. Perhaps their increasing popularity in the smart phone market will help, or the introduction of Windows 8, but it seems unlikely.

That said though, is there a point in time where they need to just throw in the towel? With millions still using the service, it seems hard to imagine. Microsoft are caught between Google’s hard place and the rock of their own hemorrhaging finances.

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