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Microsoft Sells 400 Million Windows 7 Licenses

Microsoft Sells 400 Million Windows 7 Licenses

Microsoft has cleaned up with their latest operating system, selling an impressive 400 million Windows 7 licences since its release. In the first year of release, Microsoft managed to flog 240 million, so sales are still going strong; though that is taking into consideration OEM sales as well as consumers.

These strong sales have apparently built the PC stake in Windows 7 to an impressive 27 percent. They also went on to say that apparently Internet Explorer 9 has become the “most popular modern browser” in the world. Even with the multi browser options on installing windows, this isn’t surprising as most will still go with the latest IE; better the devil they know in most cases.

However it’s not all rosy at Microsoft with Windows 7; or Windows phone 7 at least. Steve Ballmer was quite candid when it came to the mobile OS uptake, stating that “we have gone from very small to very small”. While the once intended android and iphone rival OS was considered a genuine competitor at one point, and though it’s much better received than other Microsoft forrays into mobile operating systems the uptake is indeed not strong.

Microsoft has been working on their next OS, Windows 8, for quite a while now and are hoping to push it out next year. Hopefully it’ll be another Windows 7 launch and not a Vista.

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