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Microsoft Claims High Windows 8 Sales, Installs Don’t Back it up

Microsoft Claims High Windows 8 Sales, Installs Don’t Back it up

Despite Microsoft stating publicly that is has managed to sell over 40 million copies of Windows 8, the fact that only 15 million people have the OS installed suggests otherwise.

The reason for this is the 40 million purchases, also includes the number bought by manufacturers and system builders. So there’s a lot of unsold machines sitting around with Windows 8 right now. The suggested 15 million actual sales at the moment equates to around 1 per cent of the 1.5 billion total PC users, according to Eurogamer.

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Microsoft sales numbers don't add up

Despite this, Tami Reller, finance and marketing head of the Windows business, has been speaking out about the sales, stating: “Windows 8 upgrade momentum is outpacing that of Windows 7.”

While it’s been touting sales of Windows 8 however, Microsoft has yet to make any claims on the sales numbers for the Surface tablet, that also makes use of the metro style tab interface.

It did state how well Xbox was doing though, perhaps in a way to counter the high sales numbers of the new Nintendo Wii U. Apparently Microsoft managed to push another 750,000 Xbox 360 consoles. This is down from the same time last year, but considering how old the console is at this point, this is still quite impressive.

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