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Mass Effect to get a Movie

Mass Effect to get a Movie

The soon-to-be trilogy of hit Sci-Fi RPG game Mass Effect, is set to have a movie made about it. This isn’t a documentary either, this is a full blown, major movie; apparently. However, whether they’ll stick to the main story of the games is another thing. It has been asked if it’ll be a trilogy, but for now they’re saying that they need to see how the first one does before attempting any more.

Legendary pictures, the company behind the tie in, talked about the movie at a QnA after Comic Con. On the top of sequels they said:

“We are really focused on making this a great movie, so we’ll see where it takes us. We have to get the first one right to know whether there will be more.”

Something that didn’t please fans though was the fact that they seemed happy to, “allow plot / character changes.”

While it’s understandable that people are unhappy with potential tweaks to the story, what most don’t allow for is that gaming and movies are two different entities. This is why book’s are often changed when they’re made into movies; because they’re different and often need to be approached in different ways. Sometimes books can be reproduced pretty much verbatim, but that’s often because the novel was put together with a film adaption in mind.

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