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Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer Discussed

Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer Discussed

It’s been hinted at for a couple of months now but it’s finally been officially announced and discussed by the team behind Mass Effect 3: the game is getting multiplayer. However, it seems like it won’t be a competitive system, but more 2-4 player cooperative missions that will have some impact on the single player depending on how you perform and how many missions you complete.


Discussing the multiplayer mode throughout the video is Executive Producer Casey Hudson, who describes why he felt that this game was the perfect place for them to introduce a multiplayer feature into the game.

“This really is the beginning, middle, and end of a whole galactic war”

Because of this, he said it made sense for players to team up with their buddies and help kick the Reapers out of the galaxy once and for all. The gameplay will understandably focus on gamers defending key locations around the star systems, attempting to maintain their grip on the area against the incoming hostiles. This means that we’re probably looking at a Mass Effect take on the popular Gears of War Horde mode.

Hudson went on to say in the video that the actions of players within these coop missions will have some impact on the single player experience:

“the better you do, the more you control, the better your single player ending will be.”

Bioware has noted though that if you’re thorough, you won’t need to take part in multiplayer to get the top ending to the game, though it’ll require a diligent SP gamer to do so.

During the game you’ll be able to take control of a select fighter from each of the main represented races in Mass Effect. This includes: the Asari, Salarians, Humans and Turians. Here’s hoping the Krogans get a look in too. You’ll also get to play as several different classes pulled in from the single player, including Sentinals, Soldiers, Adepts and more.

The way Hudson sums up the multiplayer experience is that it becomes “part of your canon as Commander Shephard”, so it sounds interesting enough. Some people arn’t that fussed with it and I’m not exactly excited, but it’s more Mass Effect, hardly the worst thing in the world. If it adds to the story experience too then I’d be up for that. I would be interested to see if there’s a progression and customisation system in it, or if we’ll be stuck with premade characters.

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