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Lulzsec Release User Passwords

Lulzsec Release User Passwords

Here’s your daily update on Lulzsec’s comings and goings. Today they’ve released upwards of 60,000 usernames and passwords for sites such as Twitter and Facebook, prompting many people to change their details just in case.

The group who’s full name is Lulz Security, released the 62,000 or so passwords and usernames as a text file via a Mediafire download – which has since been taken down. However, several thousan users were able to download it before it was taken down, meaning many people’s accounts could end up being compromised.

What to do if its all too late and you think your account may have been accessed by a third party? Well there’s a tool floating around (can be found here) that tells you if your account was hacked or not. That said, the person behind it is supposedly just a concerned member of the public, so not sure how many will trust them.

A statement was released by TheNextWeb on the matter, stating, “We’ve promised we won’t say who built it, but can absolutely 100% assure it wasn’t LulzSec and there’s no email harvesting going on.”

Keepass people. Use it.

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