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Lulzsec Opens Hack Request Phone Line

Lulzsec Opens Hack Request Phone Line

Lulz Security has stepped up their hacking prescence by opening a phone line where average joe citizens can request targets for the group. The number leads back to a location in Ohio, but it would be dumb to expect that Lulzsec wouldn’t account for a trace like that.

Lulz Security has built up a strong reputation over the past few months, targeting Sony and many other high profile targets; more specifically the US Senate in the past few days. They’ve also targeted other gaming companies, taking down EVE online’s servers, and hacking customer information from Bethesda studios.

In general they seem to be acting in a Robin hood fashion, similar to how the slightly less organised Anonymous group. They don’t tend to target individuals or sell on customer information if stolen, but appear to be attempting to take down companies they feel are misbehaving or have lax security.

As of yet, any sort of overall aims have not been revealed.

BBC news has a great table of Lulzsec attacks which I’m going to shamelessly steal. Hope they don’t mind.

  • May 7: US X Factor contestant database
  • May 10: user passwords
  • May 15: Database listing locations of UK cash machines
  • May 23: Sonymusic Japan website
  • May 30: US broadcaster PBS. Staff logon information
  • June 2: user information
  • June 3: Infragard website (FBI affiliated organisation)
  • June 3:
  • June 10: pornographic website
  • June 13: – website of US Senate
  • June 13: Bethesda software website. User information
  • June 14: EVE Online, League of Legends, The Escapist and others
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