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LA Noire on 360 needs 3 discs

LA Noire on 360 needs 3 discs

While it may not come as much of a surprise to the 400 odd actors that took part in motion capture for the game, LA Noire, when it’s released in a few weeks will come with 3 discs on the Xbox 360 version; though whether that’s full of gameplay or Final Fantasy esque cut scenes is anyone’s guess.

However, Rockstar have said that they’re very concious of players not having to get up and switch discs consistently, but I imagine it’ll happen if you’re running from area to area; since it’s open world, that’s perfectly possible.

Apparently the plan was to fit the game on one blu-ray disc, so PS3 owners just about get the one disc setup. Xbox owners, not having a built in blu-ray player will need the 3 discs. Though I wouldn’t want to be a PS3 owner at the moment for multiple reasons. One, that 25GB will take a while to “install” on the Playstation’s built in HDD, but also the recent Sony blunders havn’t exactly given people a lot of confidence in them.

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