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Kill Team Devs Fired

Kill Team Devs Fired

On the day of the release of Warhammer 40,000 Kill team, almost the entire development team has found themselves out of work. While 10 employees will be remaining to help finalise a PSN version of the arcade shooter, the rest have now been ousted. This was reported to be likely a month ago; but that’s only because the company in question, Digital Warrington, had to give 30 days notice before closure as part of UK law. Other THQ properties including Kaos Interactive, the developer behind Homefront, have already been closed as part of what the publishing giant is terming “Strategical Realignment.” In other words, cutting costs.

Founder of Digital Warrington Colin Bell said that, “THQ have done all they can through the consultancy period and have treated staff with respect.” He also went on to say that, “has sold over 5 [million]” units, adding that Kill Team is “a great parting product for the studio” in an interview with Develop.

As some commentators have stated, it will be hard for conscientious gamers to purchase Kill Team knowing that none of the money will go to the team that developed it; all of it must surely go to the publisher.

However, anyone wishing to support the devs can keep an eye on their newly founded studios. One of which is unknown at this point, but two other phoenixes have emerged from the ahes, Alien Apple Studios and D3T.
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