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Janimation Tech Demo Blows LA Noire Away

Janimation Tech Demo Blows LA Noire Away

Those impressed with the facial recognition and motion capture technology found in Rockstar’s recently released LA Noire are in for a treat when it comes to Janimation’s just unveiled tech demo for an upcoming AAA title that they’re working on.

Unnamed for the moment, its unclear whether this new facial mapping is just for show or if it’ll play into certain aspects of the game like LA Noire’s are-they-telling-the-truth gimic.


The short 2 minuted trailer starts off with what appears to be a man in the throes of motion capture. However it turns out that this face is in-fact a digitised one. We then see the original model/actor doing his facial acting thing, complete with motion capture dots.

Detractors point out that this is an extremely high poly model that would make it very hard for current generations of consoles, or perhaps even next gen, to be able to render in real time, but its a start at least and if its PC exclusive, I wouldn’t be bothered personally.

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