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Independant Sellers Snubbed in Gears 3 Launch

Independant Sellers Snubbed in Gears 3 Launch

With the launch of Gears of War 3 going on, gamers have been salivating at the chance to get their hands on their Locust enemies for the last time in this trilogy. However, some that pre-ordered special editions of the game with independant traders might be a little less happy; about as much as the owners of said stores.

Reports are coming in that those runnin smaller gaming stores have received reduced numbers of the Epic and Limited editions of the game, with some not receiving any.

Fudzilla has reports of one store owner, “Our store had both Limited and Epic editions of Gears 3 on order with our distributor, and we found out at the last second that we would only be getting 2 of the 15 Limited editions ordered and none of the Epic editions we had ordered. In addition, our distributor told us not to expect to get any Limited or Epic editions in the future.”

Another stated, “Our distributor emailed us to last week to let us know that the availability of the Limited and Epic editions was very tight, as Microsoft had to provide additional product to GameStop, which left our distributor short from what they ordered from Microsoft. As a result, we have a number of disappointed customers who are angry because we were not able to get them the Limited Edition or Epic Edition that they ordered. In fact, we are lucky that we ordered extra of the standard edition or these customers would have gotten nothing after waiting in line at midnight.”

So, they queued and pre-ordered? Arn’t those supposed to achieve the same sort of thing?

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