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Illegal game downloads increase by 20%

Illegal game downloads increase by 20%

Over the past 5 years, file sharing of games has increased by 20% according to research firm Envisional. This includes the top five games of 2010 being downloaded over a million times each. The traditional argument by most developers is that this is 100% lost revenue. If people hadn’t downloaded them, they’d have bought the game.

However, Newsbeat has been speaking with some gamers who say otherwise. Sam said he downloads some 100 games a year and buys about half of them afterwards.

I buy games because I’ve pirated them, if I don’t get to try them I never would have bothered picking them up.

He went on to say that the good games always get bought:

Games that I enjoy I purchase, ones that I don’t enjoy I delete.

They also spoke with Andy Payne, chairman of the Association for UK Interactive Entertainment. He claims that since games are so expensive to make, that this sort of downloading action hurts the industry.

“[Some] 200, 250 people sat in a studio for two years building the latest Modern Warfare 3,” he said.

“This costs real money.”

And no one is denying that Andy,but if you’re going to make out like MW3 doesn’t make any money, you’re crazy. 6 million copies on launch day? The developers behind MW3 are doing fine. Unless you used to work there around a year ago, in which case you were fired.


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