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Humble Frozen Synapse Bundle now Available

Humble Frozen Synapse Bundle now Available

Humble Bundles are back, this time packing not one, well yea, one game, Frozen Synapse. However since it’s on a “pay what you want” model, if you want more than one title, just splash out over the average for your platform, and you’ll receive the Humble Frozenbyte bundle, which comes with Shadowgrounds, Shadowgrounds Survivor, Trine, a pre-order of their upcoming game “Splot” and a prototype title that comes with source code in an unfinished state, Jack Claw.

The current average price for PC users is a pathetically low $4. Let’s try and catch up with the Linux guys at their $8.

The humble Indi bundles have been increasing in popularity since the first iteration where they made nearly a million dollars. On top of that, with the subsequent release of a few more, they’ve managed to donate over $2 million to charity.

This is a great setup that not only helps indi developers sell a few more copies, but they’re performing a great business practice by providing the games DRM free and letting you pay what you want. This means that if you really don’t have a lot, you can still join in. If you have a bit more, try and show it.

On top of this, Wolfire release a funny video to go with it:


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