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Humble Bundle 4 makes over $1.25 million

Humble Bundle 4 makes over $1.25 million

The latest edition of the Humble indi Bundle has managed to make over $1.25 million despite only being on sale for a few days. The bundle has sold just over 230,000 game collections so far, with the average price topping out at a little bit higher than usual. Considering the Humble Bundle uses a pay-what-you-want model, this is always a good thing.

In the past Windows users have let themselves down by having an embarassingly small 3 point something dollars average purchase price. However for this bundle, they’ve come through – at least a little bit more – shelling out just under $5. This is still a fair bit behind the average Mac user price of $7.23 and the of course dominant Linux user base which shelled out $9.96 per purchase on average.

This Humble Bundle comes with the usual collection of great indi titles, including: Super Meat Boy, Bit Trip Runner, Shank, Jamestown and NightSky HD. Those paying over the average get a couple of extra games too, the awesomely epic Gratuitous Space Battles and Cave Story+.

According to the latest humble bundle video shown below, the series of bundles has managed to make some $2.8 million for charity so far.


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