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HP Staff lay down on the job

HP Staff lay down on the job

Staff at the Hewlett Packard stand at the SIMO Network 2011 conferance have laid down at their posts, in what they say is a protest over the multitude of job cuts going on at the firm. Each of the small signs they hold has an HP logo and reads “Stop Lay offs”.

HP recently changed out their CEO, with the new one – an Ex IBM  higher up – keen to push the traditional PC manufacturer in new directions, focusing on software instead of hardware. However, with this restructuring, Packard were set to dump 9,000 of their 324,000 global employees. It seems that some at least arn’t happy with this.

The Register has a picture of the lay down, though how long this thrilling event will continue is anyone’s guess. How long do you think they’ll hold out? Leave your comments belo…zzzzzzz.

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