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HP CEO Forced into Court

HP CEO Forced into Court

Léo Apotheker, CEO of Hewlett Packard, has been forced into court to testify about a rift that has formed between his firm and partner Oracle. According to the latter firm, HP's former employer SAP AG's stole some of Oracle's intellectual property.

SAP AG has already admitted that its subsidiary TomorrowNow stole certain Oracle technology; the kicker is that Leo Apotheker was the CEO of that subsidiary at the time. Oracle are now claiming that Apothekar was not only aware of this, but heavily involved. Evidence against SAP AG allowed them no room to deny it. In a instant messaging exchange Kimberly Martinez, a TomorrowNow employee states, "Wonder who on the inside told?"Kristin Paige, another employee, responds, "I think they caught us."There's no concrete information on what would happen if found guilty, but its likely that Apothekar would be fired.

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