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How Awesome are these?

How Awesome are these?

If you knew about these guys before me and didn’t tell me, you’re an ass.

Blik, a company that makes re-usable wall decals have released some extra gaming ones, this time focused around Pac Man. These include the great looking Pac Man border, as well as two different large set pieces from the game. The awesome thing is though, they don’t come like posters where you options are only where you put, for each of the larger pieces, all the decals are individual, allowing you to customise your wacka-wacka.

Other decals they offer include Donkey Kong, Tron Legacy, Megaman, and many more. If you want to buy these up in the UK, their distributor here is Supernice. The selection isn’t quite as varied, but it’s not bad.

Mirror’s Edge graphics would like great in decal. Hope they do some of that.

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