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Hewlett Packard to make Servers with ARM chips

Hewlett Packard to make Servers with ARM chips

Despite claiming to be exiting the hardware game, by halting production on the touchpad and other consumer desktop PCs. However, they arn’t getting out of it altogether, as they’ve recently announced that they will be making server systems with ARM chips at their heart.

They said that this would also be a first step in their efforts to break apart Intel’s server dominance with their X86-based processors. This is very counter to what was said a few weeks ago when  it was claimed they’d be focusing on their software instead of hardware. Last month ex Ebay higher up Meg Whitman was appointed as the new CEO, looking to take the company in a new direction.

Part of their focus is going to be energy efficiency it seems, as they claim that their Energycore server-on-a-chip design will use as little as 1.5w. They’re claiming that because it does nearly everything a full server does and runs so cool, you can have more of them in the same enclosure. They now claim that their servers would save upwards of 94% of space.

There is a caveat though, it’s not as powerful as others. Can’t have everything I suppose.

“There is always a trade off, you have less electrical draw but you have less processing power,” David Calmers, HP UK’s chief technology officer said. He went on to say that these servers would be perfect for web pages but not so great at real processing.

They said that they think by 2015, the low energy server will make up nearly 10% of the lucrative market.

“Energy demands are a growing concern across our customer base. It’s being felt most keenly at the hyperscale end – companies like LinkedIn or Facebook with hundreds of millions of users” said Mr Chalmers.

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