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HDD supplies fall short already

HDD supplies fall short already

The effects of flooding in Thailand on Hard drive shipments have already begun to be felt by retailers, who are struggling to keep up with demand due to dwindling stock piles and continued manufacturing reductions in the flood hit nation.

TomsHardware has some numbers that suggest the industry is already down some 70 million units, with a total demand of just under 200 million HDDs. Some of Tom’s sources are suggesting that already this shortage has led to a 20-30% price hike as the shortage continues.

Some believe that this will continue well into 2012, with factories set to take months before re-entering full production. Part of the worry is that that by that point, many people will have moved over to SSDs which have seen their cost dropping significantly in the last year alone.

However, others are more optimistic, believing that this shortage will be cleared up in a couple of months tops, becoming clear in the early parts of 2012. That seems unlikely considering the damage the flooding has done to some manufacturers fabrication plans, Western Digital specifically.

Some of Toms Commentators have said they feel that this is scare mongering about HDD shortages and that it’s just a ploy to drive prices up even further. It would certainly make sense that those not producing enough  drives would want prices as high as possible in order to make up their losses.

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