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Halo Anniversary Getting Bonus Levels

Halo Anniversary Getting Bonus Levels

The 10 year Anniversary remake/revamp of Halo Combat Evolved is set to get some extra levels and the franchise manager at developer 343 Industries, Kevin Grace has been discussing them. These will be split between the single player and multiplayer experience, both parts of the game featuring the engine used in Halo Reach to make it look like a more contemporary title.

In a remake of the classic multiplayer map “Headlong”, 343 have developed “Breakneck”. Set in the war ravaged streets of New Mombasa, players will battle it out with one another with rather impressive backdrops of the war torn skyline.

“Hang-em High” has also had a revamp, with the newly inspired map being known as “High-Noon”. Grace describes it as having the fore-runners watching on as Spartans battle it out in one of the most popular original Halo maps.

He also went on to say that each environment had a few extras added to help players explore the original story a little further and expand the Halo universe. This will include some added areas within the Pillar of Autumn and on the Halo world itself.

The only real question that will be on the lips of Halo fans though will be whether 343 has the development skills of the original creators, Bungie. While they should find things a bit easier only having to remake an already great game, there’s still plenty of room forever. It also seems unlikely with all the added competition in the console multiplayer game in the contemporary world of gaming that Halo Anniversary will do anywhere near as well as its predecessors. However, it is Halo afterall, the darling of the Xbox console. While Gears of War and CoD might have stolen the show in recent years, Halo was the original. It’ll be interesting to see if it’s still relevant in the 2000’s teen years.

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