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Google PLUS Users Slipping away

Google PLUS Users Slipping away

While initial reports seemed to be showing a positive trend for the latest big name social network to hit the intertubes, Google PLUS is apparently not doing as well as expected. We reported just a couple of weeks ago that Google PLUS had hit an impressive 50 million users already, with sign ups continuing the flood in. However, the problem seems to be not with initial sign ups, but that people arn’t using the site afterwards.

I must say I’m part of this group. I’ve created an account and added a couple people, but I’ve not been back since.

Fudzilla reports that Chikita is saying the reason for the one time usage is down to the site being too similar to Facebook. While it might have brought innovation in some senses, it’s really just more of the same. You have friends, you link up with them and discuss stuff.

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