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Google is Stepping up to Siri Challenge

Google is Stepping up to Siri Challenge

Google’s head honcho Eric Schmidt has made it clear that while he considers Apple’s new Siri application to be quite a threat to the Android brand, he and the company he heads are ready to step up to the plate and take it head on.

“Apple has launched an entirely new approach to search technology with Siri, its voice-activated search and task-completion service built into the iPhone 4S.” This was said as part of a letter to a US Senate antitrust subcommittee of lawyers; a group of people that really helps push forward innovation.

“Social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter also allow users to leverage their social networks to find answers to their questions. Google is therefore competing with all methods available to access information on the Internet, not just other general search engines,” he continued.

“The source of Facebook’s competition with Google is not only through using Bing to search the Internet but, also by offering users a fundamentally different way to discover and connect with information on the Internet. Google has many strong competitors, So inferring that Google is in any way ‘dominant’ in search would be incorrect.”

It is possible Schmidt saw something like Siri coming, since he was on the board of directors at Apple from 2006 until 2009, only leaving when it became clear there was a conflict of interest between himself and the rest of the Apple board; with Google having at this time released the Android mobile OS.

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