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Google + hits 50 Million users

Google + hits 50 Million users

While many thought that Google wouldn’t be successful with their social networking launch, they’ve already generated half as many users as MySpace did at the peak of its popularity. Interestingly though, the reveal and subsequent commentary havn’t come from Google themselves but from Paul Allen, the guy behind

“But yesterday (give or take a few days) Google+ likely crossed the 50 million user mark. And since being opened to the general public (over age 18) last week, Google+ has been growing by at least 4% per day, meaning that around 2 million new users have been signing up each day.”

He was pleased to note that he’d been at the forefront, telling people it was going to work, unlike some his contemporary online blogging pals. The reasons behind the rapid growth of Google’s social network he claims are down to:

“Integrating +1 and Circles (targeted sharing) and other Google+ functionality into its Chrome browser, Android phones (and tablets), Gmail, Google Reader, Blogger, Google Photos, and other properties, Google+ will give its more than one billion users repeated chances to sign up for and use the functionality of Google+. Like the Chrome commercials say, “the web is what you make of it.” And with Google+, you can make so much more of it that ever before.”

However, he fails to take into consideration the clever Google tactic that they borrowed from Facebook’s beginnings: exclusivity. For several weeks, Google restricted new sign ups to those that invited their friends. This led to people hunting out invites and sending their own out to friends and family in a rush to help everyone be part of the new trend.

Google growing at such a pace is probably a good thing for the social game, as there’s never been an industry that did better because the leader’s had no competition. While Facebook users might complain at every little change to the site, the competition and subsequent integration of Twitter has meant the social giant has grown and changes direction several times. Hopefully Google + will only continue this.

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