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Google buys 1,000 IBM Patents

Google buys 1,000 IBM Patents

Google has picked up over 1,000 individual IBM panents though whether this is because they want to use the technology in the future, or have used it in the past and want to avoid getting in trouble for it is hard to tell. Google general counsel Kent Walker said that “It’s hard to find what’s the best path – there’s so much litigation,” said Walker. “We’re exploring a variety of different things.”

When the patent purchases came to light, a Google spokesperson stated that: “Like many tech companies, at times we’ll acquire patents that are relevant to our business,”

But when read in conjunction with what Kent Walker said, is it relevant because they need them to cover their asses, or for future developments?
The first few patents on the list are:
  • Image Query System And Method (5579471)
  • A Method And Apparatus For Graphically Displaying Query Relationships (5721900)
  • Image Query System And Method (5751286)
  • Compression Of Structured Data (5864860)
  • Dry Film Resist Removal In The Presence Of Electroplated C4′S (5904156)
  • Lock/Unlock Indicator For Pll Circuits (5905410)
  • Voltage Protectedlevel Shifting Off Chip Driver (5905618)

So yea, reading these is not too exciting. However, if you want to check out the whole list, read up on them here.

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