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Gears 3 to have “Casual” Mode

Gears 3 to have “Casual” Mode

Despite being considered one of the more traditionally hardcore – for its content, not necessarily its gameplay – titles on the Xbox 360, the next Gears of war game is set to receive a new difficulty setting, “Casual”. This is designed to give new players to the series an easier time of things.

Helping hands will include an auto aiming function, or at least a very strong aim assist module that will help target the faster of moving enemies. Lead designer at Epic Cliff Blezinski has apparently been showing this off at Comic Con over the past few days. Casual multiplayer is also said to be available, keeping experienced players off the back of absolute beginners, giving them a chance to learn how to play before rage quitting from their 4th received headshot.

However don’t expect to cruise through the game as a veteran of the series, even a single achievment from the past Gears of War games will cause the mode to be locked off, forcing you to play at the very least on “easy”.

Gears of War 3 is set for release at the end of September this year for Xbox 360. Check out our gadget show beta footage here.

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