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Gaming on an Aircraft Carrier

Gaming on an Aircraft Carrier

Perhaps taking a queue from the PR guys behind the Renegade Ops Preview we attended, nVidia held an event over the weekend known as GeForce LAN 6. The location? A retired USS Hornet aircraft carrier.

Spanning the entire weekend and running for over 48 hours, players were able to take part in Battlefield 3 gaming sneak peaks, giving them a chance to play the game before its release date later this month. However, nVidia wern’t supplying any hardware as this was a BYOC event. That’s right, 620 sweaty nerds carried their pride and joy up the gangplank of this aircraft carrier and into its bowels, to play some Battlefield.

With a long list of sponsors, including Antec, ASUS, Zotac, Plantronics, Razer, Toshiba and many more, the event was purportedly a big success. nVidia even offered up the option for gamers to sleep aboard the vessel, calling this particular part of the event “LAN Camp”.

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