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GameStop Settles Class Action Used Game Suit

GameStop Settles Class Action Used Game Suit

GameStop has settled in a class action suit brought by consumers for misleading used game sales. According to James Collins, the initial bringer of the legal action, GameStop failed to give notice of online passes and how much DLC would cost, describing many segments of paid for gameplay as free.

As part of the settlement, GameStop has agreed to post stickers and notices on used games and on the website itself, stating how and when what content must be paid for. Also, anyone that bought a used game and then went on to purchase DLC that they thought was included with the original price, will receive a $10 cheque in repayment as well as a $5 credit payment if they’re enrolled in the GameStop reward scheme.

According to Games Industry, the lawyers behind the suite are looking to expand their litigation into other states, so if you’ve bought DLC after buying up a used game from GameStop, you might be entitled to just under $20.


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