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Game won’t be selling Ubisoft Vita launch titles

Game won’t be selling Ubisoft Vita launch titles

With Vita launching today and high street game seller Game in troubling financial waters, it seems surprising, but it’s been announced it won’t be selling any of Ubisoft’s Playstation Vita titles.

This isn’t just one or two either, but five different games including Lumines Electronic Symphony, Michael Jackson the Experience, Dungeon Hunter Alliance, Asphalt Injection and Rayman Origins. Not only are titles like Rayman and Lumines representatives of long standing PSP franchises with the former being one of the console’s major characters, but five games takes up a big chunk of the launch titles which total 39 – over 10 per cent.

In a statement released earlier today, the ‘game’ seller said that: “All customers affected by this decision have been made aware of the situation and we will continue to communicate any updates to customers through our Twitter and Facebook feeds.”

That sounds like those that pre-ordered through the company have received refunds, or perhaps store credit. Either way, there’s likely to be some business lost from this lack of titles.

However this may not have been a decision from Game’s end. It would seem the most likely reason for this problem was the fact that Game has been struggling so much recently – perhaps Ubisoft felt the 0 day stock wouldn’t be sold as quickly as with other retailers or online sellers? Maybe it’s as extreme as Game couldn’t afford to buy enough copies of these titles to make the sale worth it for the publisher?

Whatever the reason though, this isn’t good news for Game which faces a tough 2012 and if these poor business results continue.


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